So, a Klingon walks into the bar..

Oh, this D*C was quite magnificently kewl 🙂 I got a few pictures–not as many as I figured I would. They really were anal about pictures in the Hyatt for some reason. It really sucks, because that’s one of the better parts of D*C; taking pictures of costumes.

Anyhoo, the pictures I did get were quite kewl in themselves; they were characters, for the most part, that I didn’t get pictures of previous years. The Willy Wonka character was really kewl; they were in the food court, of all places.

Next year, I may do the Sith thing. I’ll have to get a red blade for the saber, and I’ll have to either get ahold of some black material. I think I could get away with using the same pattern that the Jedi outfit was.

The panels were pretty kewl today. The more popular panels were in the Hyatt in the Courtland room. The panels in those smaller rooms are really frustrating because, even if you get there early, that’s just not early enough. There was a line going all the way down the hall for an SG panel. We didn’t stick around, but went to another.

Tricia Helfer (Number Six) was on a Galactica panel today–she substituted for some others, I don’t know who, and did really well. I knew I had to see at least one Galactica character at this D*C.

The Klingon Beauty Pageant was kind of lame this year. It was extremely disorganized and the performances from the participants were trite, at best. It also lasted 30 minutes longer than it should have. The girl who won this year was one that I really liked last year, but didn’t win.

Alas, it came to an end too early. If D*C lasted a week, I would be one happy camper 🙂 I should find some cons closer to home so that I can have an excuse to put on the Jedi garb.

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