So, I’m pondering starting up WoW again. After playing Guild Wars for a while, it just doesn’t hold the same awesomeness that World of Warcraft does. There’s a reason that it’s $14.99 a month, and that’s probably because of the greater infrastructure. I’ll ponder a little more. Until then, I can be even more impatient for the release of Oblivion. hehe.

Penny started nursing on me this morning *GASP* She hasn’t done that in about a year. She doesn’t sit on my lap much, because she never usually settles down long enough to. So, that was quite strange in itself. She is definitely one confused little feline.

It’s been really nice around here. Right now it’s 64 awesome degrees. It’s time to start running & biking hardcore again 🙂 I have been slacking a bit, because of that oppressive Alabama heat.

Well, this could only happen in Decatur. Lousy stinkin’ South *kicks ignorant South* After having lived in Decatur, I can attest to its backward way. As Catholics (and “Yankee” ones, at that), my family I had to endure a hell of a lot of crap in a town chocked full of rather close-minded and ignorant deep South protestants. I have nothing against them, and I daresay that just about every Catholic in Decatur has no problem co-existing with protestants–which can get strained when crap like this happens. Nevertheless, that sentiment certainly wasn’t returned. UGH! *kicks ignorant South again, for good measure*

In happier news.. Has anyone seen Serenity yet? 🙂

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