Chillin like a Villin

So, I’ve been chillin most of the weekend. Literally. I wasn’t feelin’ all that well on Friday, which fortunately turned out to be the peak of my bad feeling. Congestion really ruined my sleep on Thursday night, as it usually does. It doesn’t seem as though anything serious is going down.

I saw Serenity this week. It really was an awesome movie; I still haven’t seen all of Firefly yet, and now I’m definitely motivated to finish it. Before that, I saw Corpse Bride. Stylistically, it reminded me a bit of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was an entertaining movie, but I felt like I had seen it already–in every other Burton film that came before it.

I forgot why I even left World of Warcraft. Oh, yea.. The $14.99/mo. Well, in the end, I think that the $14.99 is worth it; it’s a very awesome game and it has so much more in comparison to Guild Wars. Guild Wars might be a good one to revisit one day, though.

The White Sox are on the verge of winning the ALCS. I don’t necessarily have my hopes up, because we all remember what happened in 2003. Blah. I do hope that they make it, though. Maybe it’ll make up for 1917 in some way.

There’s a lunar eclipse on the 17th (tomorrow). I think that, being in Central Time, I won’t be able to see all that much of it. People out west will be able to see it, though–or else they can sleep in like wussies 😛

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