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Holy frickin’ cow. Windows finally catches up with the robust command-lines & terminals of the *nix universe. We’ll see. I tend to agree with a lot of slashdotters out there that it will probably have a few problems, but at least they’re finally catching on to what a true geek needs in terms of tools for the maintenance and care of their PCs.

After coming along a good bit in *nix, I’ve found that the shells are the ultimate method for custom automating and parsing. Windows sorta-kinda had some of that capability when Perl came along. It’ll certainly be good to see some of that stuff native in the environment.

Syntactically, MSH kind of reminds me a bit of Perl and csh. The instant I saw hash table support, I totally drooled. Of any data structure, I think the hash table is my absolute favorite. It’s a very robust and fast method of accessing data. It’s good to know that it and all other nice features of shell scripting will finally see the light of day natively on Windows.

I think I’m actually *GASP* looking forward to a Windows release.

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