Happy Halloween!!

Oh, I so love this time of year. This is, by far, the best secular holiday ever invented. I was quite lazy in that I didn’t carve a pumpkin. But, I’ll probably hand out candy to the kiddies–maybe even as a Jedi. Either way, I’m going to probably read some Poe before the end of the night, in traditional fashion.

I deployed an app at work on Friday. I stayed 2.5 hours late because of it. Maybe I’ll make up for it with an early Friday this week 🙂 Now I just have to wait for any bug reports to roll in *shudder*

The weekend was quite spiffy and awesome. Ruthie and I are WoWing hardcore and have gotten to be Level 7 Gnome Mages. I’m also just a hair under Level 24 for my Human Mage.

The LAN was pretty awesome, although no one really dressed up except for Meacham in his Darth Vader outfit. We played some Battlefield 2, UT2004 and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. Ruthie even came around and WoWed with her undead character a bit 🙂

I got Age of Empires III this weekend, but I might take it back. It’s a fun game, and all, but no fun if I’m not playin’ with the bro. I might see if he wants to get it before I do take it back, though. We had some network trouble over the weekend, trying to play Call of Duty between here and there–I think it might be on his end, because I have all the right ports open on my side *le sigh* If I do take AOE back, I’ll probably use it to credit an Oblivion purchase. If that game’s anywhere near the kewlness of Morrowind, then I’m going to be lost in WoW and Oblivion 🙂

The White House has a new nominee for the Supreme Court. I really don’t know much about Samuel Alito at this point. The media was so concentrated on a couple of potential women nominees that this seems out of left field to me *shrugs* It just shows how much people need to listen to the 24/7 cable news speculations *flips from Fox News to watch some SciFi* 🙂

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