Nothing much to report from the front. It’s Wednesday already; this week is just zooming by. I still have to pick up more pieces of my DragonCon costume. I just need to stop by an Army surplus store and find some boots, perhaps a floppy hat, and a vest.. Oh, and maybe a belt. I think in many ways, this’ll be better than the Jedi outfit I wore last year. Of course, it won’t be as intricate and awesome as the stormtrooper gear that cochranejv has. Still, this is going to be quite kewl. I know this con will be more of a blast than even last year. What could be better than converging with many nerds and geeks alike in celebration of our dedicated weirdness? 🙂

My den is now officially my Cubs room; I got a Waveland Ave street sign (the left field street that’s adjacent to the outfield wall), and a pretty huge Cubs flag while I was in Chicago. Cubbies are still doing ok; they’re tied in the Wild Card race with SF. This might turn into another race like 1998 where SF and the Cubbies had a tie in the WC at the end of the season. Finally, the Cubbies are really getting consistently good. Perhaps this means I should send some Parkas down to Hell 😉

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