about 24 hours and i’ll be at DragonCon 🙂 this is going to be so uber kewl. I will certainly have many pictures to post when I get back.

Last year, we just happened to have a room right across the street that just happened to have an unencrypted wireless network going. If I happen to be so lucky this year, I’ll post some pix while I’m here.

It’s getting darker earlier; one of the sure signs that fall is around the bend (WOO HOO). The skies are darker, Penny is getting fatter. Could it get any better? 🙂 I think another reason I like fall is that means not only do I get more quality time with the telescope when I go to the folks, but that my favorite winter skies are coming up quick. Damn, I’m too nerdish 😉

Anyhoo, off to cook some chicken (of course).

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