Nerdfest 2004 Continues

Yesterday was a fairly light day. I only really saw one panel which was about Farscape. I think, after coming to D*C last year and this year, that I really don’t find the panels with the stars all that interesting; you just have all of the same nerd-types asking the same old questions–most of which I’m sure are quite old to the stars being asked.

Before that panel, Joe and I wandered around downtown a bit. We went to scary Underground Atlanta. It really has gotten quite rundown since the first time I went there almost a decade ago. I think the problem was that they really dressed the place up for the Olympics in 1996 and the place has just been left to go to pot since.

The evening was fairly rocking. Joe is part of the 501st, a Stormtrooper costume group. They had a mixer at a local bar that was really kewl. Mostly we just sat around talking, playing pool–they gave out awards later in the evening, but we left halfway through as they became more and more dull.

After that, it was to the floors; we took uber numbers of pix of all of the very saweet costumes. I have Day 1 and Day 2 up there now. Supposedly, the most interesting costumes come out on the night of the Masquerade Ball–which just happens to be tonite. If there are any more interesting costumes, I’ll definitely put them up.

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