A Klingon High Fived Me at the Ice Machine

Well, night one of DragonCon was quite sniffty. I’ll have some pics up sometime, but not sure when. I forgot the cable for my camera *sigh* I knew I had to forget something kewl and useful like that 🙂 It looks like Joe has quite a similar camera to mine–Kodak EasyShare series–so, perhaps all is not so dire.

The most interesting costume I saw last night was a girl dressed up in halter-top stormtrooper armor. I also so many of the usual suspects that I saw last year: The Buddy Christ, Gandalf, Beetelgeuse. There was a really kewl R/C R2D2 cruisin around the floor in the Hyatt, though. Lots of X-Wing pilots are around these parts, as well. There was also a girl dressed up in a funky lil lingerie stormtrooper outfit.

Friday nights are usually the slowest nights of the convention; things are just starting to wind up, and people are just on their way in. Still, there were some pretty nice costumes. Got into atlanta around 9:45 or so (10:45 their time), so I didn’t really get to see any panels. Seeing the costumes, though, was quite the kick for the evening.

Everyone else woke up before Joe and I, so I guess we might go cruise the panels a little bit later this morning. Let the nerdfest begin 🙂

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