I feel like I’m jet lagged, but I know it’s just that I didn’t sleep all that much at DragonCon 🙂 I’m still making up for it a bit, but I think I’m almost there. Perhaps I’ll go to bed early tonight.

I bowled with mwshook last night. For once, I won 3/3. Usually, we tend beat each other 2/3–we never really shut each other out. I averaged about 142, which was actually kind of high considering that I haven’t been bowling in a while.

I, for some insane reason, decided to watch Episode I this evening. I’m getting kinda antsy about Episode III, for some reason. I’ve had dreams about it; Anakin’s final transformation to Vader is quite uber sweet in my dreams. I only hope George Lucas’ imagination is as great as mine. haha.

Well, off to catch up on more of that sleep.

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