I’d like to see you stay on task when you’re staring down the barrel of a loaded Thnikkaman

This has been a nice and relaxing weekend, so far. I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XI; it’s pretty much like the predacessors, except that it’s online. More than anything, this makes it a little more like EverQuest–especially in that you frickin have to pay for it every month. Still, it seems like a very nice game, so far. I have a month of free play so, if it really turns out to be a drag, it’ll be no real biggie. Right now, I’m a Level 5 Red Mage Hume (a hume is a race pretty much identical to the human race). Anyhoo, there are a few people I know on there, so that makes it a bit more worth it. Like EverCrack, though, I really don’t think I’ll become so addicted that you’ll need to put an IV in me to make sure i eat 🙂

I’m caught up on sleep, I think. I just woke up minutes ago, so I guess it’s really hard to tell. I did have a very well-rested sleep, though, the best I think I’ve had in a while.

They already have a guest list for DragonCon 2005 =-o I’m sure it will change drastically before then, though; people will be added and removed. So far, though, it looks like a good list of people.

I’m starting to save hardcore for a house. I’m figuring a nice little three bedroom job that I can really stretch into. I don’t know if it’ll be in Madison or not, yet. I’m just in the preliminary stages, saving for a good lil down payment. Still, it’d be nice to have a little pad to call my very own and not have to chunk my moola into that bottomless pit sinkhole known as rent.

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