Argh.. Ahoy, Matey..

Yeah, I think summer is definitely starting to die. It’s currently 55F (12.8C for all those Europeans that I’m sure are reading this) out there. I really need to become more weather-conscious.. I had the A/C on last nite and woke up with icicles everywhere 🙂

I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night with the bro. It was a really awesome flick. It really did remind me of Flash Gordon. The ending was absolutely hillarious. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely must. It is certainly a Conrad-approved movie.

Well another week, another class. I’m continuing it tomorrow, but fortunately, it’s the last week. It’s been good getting away from regular old work for a little while, though. Still, lectures are boring 😛 All the Dr. Pepper in the world just barely keeps me in zombie mode.

I knew Alabama had to be good for something; the Miss America winner was apparently Miss Alabama. While I’m fairly ignorant of most Alabama news, I really don’t know anything about her. She is pretty, though.

Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day” 🙂

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