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So, I got the Star Wars Trilogy yesterday morning, just about right after I got up–Wal-Mart is almost right across the street from me. I started watching Episode IV yesterday. Aside from some audio and perhaps some lightsaber tweaks, things seemed to be very much the same. I also went through all the discs and looked for all of the changes that people were talking about–Anakin indeed was replaced in Return of the Jedi with Hayden Christensen, Naboo is added to the celebration scenes at the end, Ian McDiarmid was placed in as Emperor in ESB, and Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett in ATOC) replaced the voice-over Boba Fett. It’ll be pretty kewl to watch the movies completely, but the changes were good; they add to the continuity of all six movies, I think. And, as much as it may take my geek card away, I think the Hayden as Anakin idea was a good one. lol. The bonus disc has a pretty good Episode III featurette that shows parts of the duel and Hayden in the big black suit *drool* Been frickin waiting to see that since I found out about the prequels.

I upped the RAM in my computer to 1GB of DDR3200. Right now it’s running in single channel mode, but I’m going to see what I can do to get it into dual channel–I have 2 sticks of 256MB DDR3200 dual channel and one 512MB DDR3200 dual channel. I don’t think three will work, but I will definitely research it a bit–it doesn’t seem like I have much control in the BIOS over whether or not the RAM runs in dual channel (but I’m definitely going to check it out again when I have time). Perhaps I can only have two sticks of RAM in there for dual channel to be possible. The user manual is actually quite non-helpful in this case :\ and the online support for the motherboard. Either way, 512MB of dual channel would most likely be far quicker than 1GB single channel. Extra address space is nothing over the speed at which that address space is accessed. Alright, enough geekspeak 🙂

I had a really uber odd dream last night. For some reason, I was visiting Arizona–I think it was Mesa or Tuscon. The really strange part is that there was a huge storm while I was there with many, many tornadoes–one of which I barely survived. After the storms passed, while I was chilling at a resturant of some kind, my car was stolen! I drove around, frantically searching for it. I went far and wide into places that were most defintiely not Arizona-like. I ended up at some really ritzy yuppie subdivision of some kind where there were lots of mansions. I headed back to town. Eventually, I stole a police car–which, ironically enough, was a flying car. I hovered around town for a while and finally tracked my car down to a house. After actually floating into that house, I finally found my Ion parked outside. I got in and locked the doors (the culprit was right outside). Being a dream, of course, the guy could still get in the car. So, while fighting with him while I drove to a mall, I called 911. When I finally got through to a human, we arrived at the mall–which looked suspiciously like the one next to the Marriott in Atlanta. When we got to a parking space, I actually folded the car up and put it in a bookbag (don’t ask me). I was fighting with the guy, beating him up because he seemed more concerned about spending time in the Big House than with the fact that he stole my car. I was beating him senseless with the bookbag that contained my folded-up Ion when I woke up.

Man, I have a trippy un-conscious mind 🙂

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